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FirePower ListBox Tutorial for RAD Studio

Today, I wanted to go over one of the wonderful components that is part of the FirePower package. If you already have FirePower, you can follow along this video by opening up the MainDemo project. If you do not, you can download a free trial of FirePower. Also see the end of this blog and video on how to receive a free license to the FirePower ListBox.

The TwwListBox, which is a professional listbox control for use with RAD Studio's FireMonkey library and works beautifully on both desktop and mobile. Click on the above video to see an in-depth tutorial to see the power, flexibility, and speed of the FirePower ListBox. If you are interested in only certain aspects of the tutorial, see the timestamps indicated below as they give you the time point of selected topics.

Why use the FirePower ListBox?

  • Fast to Develop

  • Absolutely No coding required

  • Super Fast and Smooth

What will you learn from this video?

  • How to Fill the TwwListBox

  • With Items defined in the IDE (3:08)

  • From a Data Source (4:20)

  • With Code (6:46)

  • Changing the Layout of the Items (8:33)

  • Selecting from the pre-defined Stock Layouts

  • Changing the properties of the individual components of the ListBox Item, such as fonts, margins, colors, and alignments..

Special Offer

Any special offers from the video? - Yes! Download the FirePower Trial and you can have a license to use the FirePower ListBox control now. It will not expire when the trial expires. This offer is for a limited time.

The video also includes a special coupon code to Order FirePower now.

If you would like more info on FirePower, see the FirePower Page
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