FirePower X - The Master Detail Grid (Using the TwwExpander)

Hey everyone! Today we are going to go over how to create a grid that allows the end-user to expand and see a detail grid within the expanded master row. With FirePower, we can use the TwwExpander to accomplish this task. Many times we would rather have information condensed with the ability to expand and see more information rather than displaying everything or having to use a separate area of the screen. With the TwwExpander, this allows you to expand and collapse certain information that would be under a given master record, such as when displaying customer info and expanding to see the invoice details. It would look like something like this:  We then would click on the expand icon next

FirePower X - TwwSearchBox using FireMonkey

Hey guys! Welcome to our new series we will be showing you different tutorials on how to implement different tools that Woll2Woll Software offers. Today we are going to focus on the FirePower SearchBox and how to add that feature to your table and sync that up with your own database. You will need to have Embarcadero's RAD Studio, preferably at least 10.4. The video tutorial above uses Delphi, but you can do the same thing with C++ Builder. TwwSearchBox Features What does the FirePower TwwSearchBox do for you The TwwSearchBox can be used on the desktop or on mobile devices and allows you to define one or more fields that are automatically searched for in the entire dataset, using the user's

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