Send an Email with an Attachment in iOS, Android, and Windows using RAD Studio

May 7, 2017


I’ve decided to start posting solutions to technologies using Delphi and in particular FireMonkey with this blog. Today, I am going to share how to send emails with attachments with FireMonkey for both iOS and Android devices.




Sending simple email (No attachment)

It is pretty straightforward to send an email without an attachment in FireMonkey. The syntax for this is as follows. In your uses section, you will need to add some ios units.








Then define the following procedure to email


procedure Email(Recipient, Subject, Content: string);


    lURL: string;

    nsURL: NSString;


  lURL := 'mailto:'+Recipient;

  if (Subject<>'') or (Content<>'') then


    lURL := lURL+'?subject='+Subject;

    if Content<>'' then

      lURL := lURL+'&body='+ Content;

    nsURL:= StrToNSStr(lURL).stringByAddingPercentEscapesUsingEncoding(NSASCIIStringEncoding);

    lURL:= NSStrToStr(nsURL);






Now emailing is as simple as


  Email('', 'subject', 'content');


Sending Email (with Attachment)

Now unfortunately, this technique cannot email an attachment. But there is a way to do this in RAD Studio. Since its tricky coding, we have created a simple routine that you can call. We have provided all the code and you can download this at


This project contains a unit named wwEmailWithAttachment.pas which defines the method method wwEmail.


procedure wwEmail(

   Recipients: Array of String;

   ccRecipients: Array of String;

   bccRecipients: Array of String;

   Subject, Content,

   AttachmentPath: string;

   mimeTypeStr: string = ''); 


To use this method, add the unit wwEmailWithAttachment to your form’s uses clause, and then call the procedure as in the following:


  wwEmail(['', ''],

    [], [], 'Subject', 'Content', fileName);


There is one more step required. The unit wwEmailWithAttachment uses the part of the iOS SDK that FireMonkey has not put into the default library. So when you compile and link your code, you will receive a link error. Fortunately, its straightforward to add this part of the sdk to your environment. Once you have this done, then you won’t have to do it again. The steps are detailed below.


You will need to add the MessageUI framework to your iOS sdk in the RAD Studio IDE.


1. Select from the IDE - Tools | Options | SDK Manager

2. Then for your 64 bit platform (and 32 bit if you like) do the following

a) Scroll to the bottom of your Frameworks list and select the last on

b) Click the add button on the right to add a new library reference and then enter the following data for your entry


Path on remote machine:  $(SDKROOT)/System/Library/Frameworks

File Mask: MessageUI

Path Type: Leave unselected


3. Click the button Update Local File Cache to update your sdk

4. Click the OK Button to close the dialog

Once you have done this, you can compile the project and it should yield no linker errors.



If you wish to do this same thing with Android, its much simpler.  The provided unit also contains the same method for Android, so you can email with the same exact code in your project. In addition, you don’t need to update your SDK, as it will work without any changes to your environment.



The method also works in Windows if Outlook is installed.


FirePower 10 Email Support

FirePower 10.0.5 also now comes with the unit FMX.wwEmailWithAttachment, and additionally includes the necessary files for C++ Builder support. If using FirePower 10 with Delphi, you simply need to add the unit FMX.wwEmailWithAttachment to your form's uses clause. If using C++ Builder, include the header file.


#include "FMX.wwEmailWithAttachment.hpp"


For a complete example of usage with C++ Builder, see the included demo in the FirePower demos/EmailWithAttachmentCPlus directory



Editors Note: This post was originally posted on April 24th and has been updated to additionally support emailing an attachment with Windows/Outlook. Please note that this method has no other dependencies outside of RAD Studio. It currently does not support OSX.


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