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Woll2Woll License Agreement - EULA


By using the software product (InfoPower, FirePower, or 1stClass) contained in this package, you agree to the terms and conditions of this license agreement. Permission is given to the licensee (you) of this product to use the development version of this software under Delphi on one computer, and to make one backup copy.  You may also install the software onto one laptop for personal use.  Similarly, if the product source code is purchased, permission is given to the licensee to use the source code under Delphi on one computer at a time.  You may utilize and/or modify this product for use in your compiled applications. You may distribute and sell any product, which results from using this product in your applications, except a product of similar nature. You may NOT redistribute any source code that may be included with this product.


This product is sold 'as is', without warranty, implied or expressed. While every effort is made to insure that this product and its documentation are free of defects, Woll2Woll Software shall not be held responsible for any loss of profit or any other commercial damage, including, but not limited to special, incidental, consequential or other damages occasioned by the use of this product.


Additional Source Code Restrictions:

If you purchased the optional source code...

You may use Woll2Woll components and the related source code to create new components for use within your company or to create a Windows program (executable file created by Delphi).  The resulting .EXE file, and product run-time packages may be distributed via freeware, shareware or any commercial means of sale or distribution, but you must not include any other product file with your distribution media.

You may not create new components for distribution outside of your company, via freeware, shareware or any commercial product offering, based on any product component. You may not recompile our source and distribute resulting binaries for development to any developer without a source code license for the corresponding product.


Woll2Woll Software reserves the right to modify or remove any function, procedure or property, that is not documented in the product's Developer Guide, in future releases of the product component library. This includes modifying the number and/or type of parameters passed to un-documented functions or procedures.


Woll2Woll Software is not responsible for, nor can we provide technical support for, your use of any un-documented product function, procedure or property. You assume full responsibility for supporting your resulting code and component(s) as well as the results of your using any undocumented function, procedure or property.


Transfer of the License:

This license is generally considered non-transferable. Woll2Woll will not transfer a license from one user to another for any reason EXCEPT for the following two scenarios:


A license will be transferred from one member of a company to another member of a company as a result of the license being "abandoned" by a departing employee. For example:

Andrew works at ACME Company

Andrew registers the companies copy of the Woll2Woll product.

Andrew quits his job at ACME Company

ACME hires Bob to replace Andrew.

Under this circumstance, Woll2Woll will transfer the license from Andrew's account to Bob's account.


Licenses can be transferred if a company is purchased by another company, and the acquiring company takes ownership of the licenses. In such circumstances a fee may be charged.

All such requests need to be made in writing and approved by Woll2Woll. 


Woll2Woll will not transfer a license when:


The transfer occurs as a result of the sale of the license to a third-party

The transfer of older licenses from which the customer has upgraded.

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