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1stClass Revisions

1stClass VCL Revision History (04/18/2022) - Recommend use with RAD Studio 11.1

  • TfcProgressBar in grid previously did not update text correctly when compiled for 64 bit.

  • All controls - Support for 64 bit windows messaging, where previously there were some incorrect casts to longint or integer for 64 bit pointers. This would lead to access violations when compiled with runtime packages.

  • Fixed issue with TfcBitmap which could lead to range errors in some cases 

22.0.2 (12/12/2021)

  • On Windows 11 computers, the painting with combos using csDropDownList style could paint erratically the background. This problem is fixed.

22.0.1 (9/18/2021) - Initial Release

21.0.2 (1/29/2021)

  • Fixed TfcDBTreeView scrollbar painting issues

21.0.1 (11/17/2020)

  • Fixed sizing of radio buttons and checkboxes in the treeviews when using custom styles in hi-res (6/15/2020)

  • Support for TfcShapeBtn in TDBCtrlGrid Initial (11/22/2019)

  • Support RAD Studio 10.3.3 (09/26/2019)

  • Fixed integrated help not working

20.0.2 (08/15/2019)

  • Updated for RAD Studio Rio Update 2. (10/22/2018)

  • Fix bug not showing checkboxes in TfcTreeView when using no manifest file (8/3/2018)

  • Fixed memory leak regarding TBitmap when painting images in some configurations.

19.5 - 1stClass 4K Tokyo (6/20/2018) - Initial  RAD Studio 10.2 Release

  • TfcCustomBitBtn (base button class) - If on child from then still allow click

18.0.1 - Initial RAD Studio 10.1 Release

17.0.1 - Initial RAD Studio 10.0 Release (4/27/15)

  • Fixed problem with h2reg error message during install (3/10/15)

  • Fixed problem with missing icon in outlook list page up/page down in some styles

  • Return to old behavior of not autosizing ButtonGroup items if visible property changed during program execution. If you still require this, you will need to set the buttongroup.ButtonGroupPatch[0] to true.

  • Fixed issue with Trackbar font color not respecting custom style

  • TfcTreeCombo – Fixed problem when unbounded and when using sdStoredText could lead to runtime exceptions.

  • Fixed problem with missing icon in outlook list page up/page down in some styles

  • Fix issue with ButtonGroup item’s visible property. Also remove error message Class not found that could appear in some instances.

  • TfcOutLookBar –Embedded outlooklist could have transparent remnants in painting. This issue is resolved. (1/04/14)

  • Fix XE5 64 bit TfcTreeView bug (access violation) (6/7/2012)

  • Fix naming conflict for fcabout and other 3rd party product (fcd16.bpl)

  • Borders not being drawn for TfcShapeBtn when not using styles. If styles are disabled, borders should still be drawn. This problem is fixed.

  • TfcTreeView – Not calculating widths properly when using ampersands in node’s text (4/4/2012) - Fix certain designer problems with 1stClass design editors (11/26/2011) – Initial Build supporting XE2, Styles, 64-bit


8.0.1 (1/20/2011)

  • TcTreeCombo – When not using sdStoreText, don’t update SelectedNode in DataChange. Only do this if storing data. (12/9/2009)

  • fcTreeCombo - Fix for updating of SelectedNode (12/19/2008)

  • Fix for TreeNode streaming of StringData and StringData2. (5/2/2008)

  • Fix for buttons in could cause problem with outlookbar buttons.  This build fixes this issue. (1/26/2008)

  • Hot tracking with first class buttons would not paint correctly in some instances of MDI windows. This problem is fixed. 

  • Added support for VCL.NET in the Delphi 2007 environment

4.0.2 (12/12/2006)

  • TfcOutlookBar - Fix access violation problem when end-user is using mouse wheel within the control.

  • TfcTreeCombo - Lookup should be based on StoreDataUsing, instead of just text

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