FirePower 10 FMX

Our exciting new FireMonkey suite of components (FirePower) allow you to rapidly build expressive, powerful, and blazingly fast applications for both the mobile space and desktop using Embarcadero's RAD Studio. Once you start building applications with the combination of Embarcadero's programming paradigm and FirePower controls including its masterpiece FireMonkey grid, you will realize how expensive in both time and money it was to use anything else. Start your free trial of both products now!.

"Woll2Woll transferred their in-depth knowledge from the VCL into the most versatile grids currently available for FireMonkey. All grids from FirePower perform great on desktop and mobile and are definitely a set of components you need. For me FirePower is a must-own." - Dr. Gernot Baecker, Senior Programmer., GJBprg​

InfoPower VCL - RAD Studio 10.2 Tokyo

Our award-winning InfoPower for Delphi VCL library is the most popular suite of components for building front ends for database applications. InfoPower includes a host of sophisticated and flexible components including the following its masterpiece grid . Its capabilities are too numerous to mention here download the specification document for more information.

InfoPower Enterprise

Two Powerful Component Suites for RAD Studio

"If I could only have one component suite for Delphi, it would be InfoPower. It will reduce the amount of code you have to write, and provide your users with a much more attractive, powerful, and functional user interface than any you could create using the standard Delphi components alone. InfoPower continues to be the must-have add-in for Delphi developers. " - Delphi Informant Review​​